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Kansas CattleWomen (KCW) is a group of women whose goal is to promote the beef industry through education. Consumers of all ages benefit from our efforts.

KCW members have the opportunity to network, promote, and make lasting friendships with some of the greatest people in Kansas. These dedicated women are willing to spend time and money to promote and educate the consumer about BEEF.

You don't have to own cattle to belong, just have an interest. Women from all walks of life are making a difference!


Motto: Help to promote beef on a local and national level.


CattleWomen's Creed

Believing that the livestock industry is of basic
importance to world existence,
we, the Kansas CattleWomen
dedicate ourselves
to support it with our labor and finances;
to promote it through information and publicity;
to encourage its producers with our
understanding and love;
to do all in our power to instill
in the coming generation
the love of the land and of life,
the humility and awe before Nature,
and the hope and faith in the future
that is inherent in cattlemen and cattlewomen.


The CattleWomen's Grace

Let us give thanks this day
that we are free women in a free land
gathered together in a sisterhood
to enjoy and support man's earliest industry
the tidings of which we are to
accept with pleasure
in this hour of gracious companionship.

(contributed by Mrs. Glen Hall of Montana)